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weekend casual
blonde hair
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go jane
weekend casual
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weekend casual

Jeans - Vintage (See similar options HERE)
Shoes - Go jane (Sold out - Similar HERE)
Tote - Courtney Boutique ( Similar HERE and HERE)

So, the title is a little misleading.  As a nurse, I wear nothing but scrubs all week long.  As comfortable as it to wear scrubs (which are basically pyjamas), it leaves my inner fashionista itching to come out on the weekends.  So I generally end up in a outfit a little more jazzy on the weekends. This outfit is typical of what I would wear for my commute into work in the morning. Once I arrive at work, I change into scrubs for the day, and then I change back into my outfit after my shift.  I usually opt to wear an outfit that I actually like to work, even if it is just for my commute time.  I feel better about myself, happier and more excited for the day when I feel put together! 

Xo, Andrea



Prada ribbon
easy hair styles
easy hair styles
prada bow

After I bought my first (and only) Prada bag, it took me a couple of weeks to part with the shopping bag it came in.  It was so darn pretty! I did eventually manage to get rid of it, but I made sure to keep the little Prada ribbons and duster bag it came with. I knew I'd find a use for them at some point, and I did! 

I love an easy and quick hair style and it doesn't get much easier than this.  I literally just tied the Prada ribbon around all my hair in a loose pony tail.  The key is to have your hair already curled (I had curled mine a few days beforehand), to keep it very loose (don't tie your hair in a ponytail with another hair tie before adding the ribbon) and to pull a few shorter pieces out in the front by your face.  And there you go! I free way to decorate yourself in a beautiful Prada ribbon!

Xo, Andrea




As I'm sure many of you already know, Nordstrom is currently having their half yearly sale with most of the items being 40 to 50% off!!! Plus free shipping and returns! I couldn't help but take a peek at the sale and do some of the leg work for you by picking out a few of my favourites to add to my shopping cart. I've divided them into a few categories.  Summer wedding guest attire, summer beach day dresses, shoes and handbags! I hope you like some of my picks! Happy shopping! The sale ends May 31st, so get shopping! I've noticed quite a few items are already going like hot cakes so get in on the action quick! Happy shopping!



VLOG : The beach and karaoke

For those of you that enjoy my vlogs, here's a new one! 

In this vlog, Bubs and I lounge on the beach, have a drink on a patio, make some homemade mojitos (major fail) and head out on the town for some karaoke!

Xo, Andrea
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